The American Dream is alive and well as far as Eduard Shapshovich is concerned. A Russian immigrant, Shapshovich arrived in America in the early 1990s with very little money and no English. But those were minor problems for the resourceful Shapshovich who settled in St. Louis, Missouri. He woke up…

What will the housing market look like in spring 2021? Experienced real estate investor Eduard Shapshovich offers three predictions:

Eduard Shapshovich Shares 3 Housing Market Trends for Spring 2021
  1. Demand will continue to outstrip supply by a significant amount.

Despite the fact that millions of people are unemployed or under-employed due to COVID-19, the demand for houses in many areas…

Eduard Shapshovich

I work in real estate development. Buying and rehabbing homes to sell or rent them out. I have a great working relationship with my partner, and tenants!

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